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May 22, 2008


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Fran, lovely piece! I too did the studio clean out and feel like I can BREATHE again!! I can finally OPEN my window!

May the force pull you into more creative endeavors...



fran - the photos of your studio in art & life (issue 10)caught my eye and i loved the follow-up piece of your studio evolution in issue 11. it gave me hope that someday i'll have a *real* studio. even though i have an art desk in our attic, it sits empty most of the time. i'm chasing around toddlers these days so my creating for now is limited to the kitchen counter, the car or wherever i can process half a creative thought while making sure the house isn't crashing down around me. so i gaze in longing at pictures of others' sacred spaces in the meantime. your work and studio are bright and beautiful; thanks for the inspiration. aimee

Lisa Hoffman

How inspiring is THIS???
Yes, the time has come and you are the fresh air of motivation.
Yur studio is so lovely, but part of nesting is always cleaning and "futzing". Beautiful result.

Being the proud recipient of this card, I have it displayed in a place of honor. Like I said by email, possibly the coolest "thank you" ever.
No, thank YOU.


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