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July 30, 2008


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Gwen Delmore

Once more, a wonderful post! I am so, so, glad that you are sharing so much about your experience. Your photos are wonderful, and I love the brown paper travelogue. It has a feel of power even in a photograph.


You captured every nuance of Taos and the Pueblo. Those doors! The spirals and hands....

AND that ever blue sky....

thanks Fran for putting your trip into such beautiful words.


Claire Flaherty

Hey Fran. thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Your words took me back to last year and the wonderful time we had. And I have to say the most interesting element of the story is the lady stealing your sketches. You took away the proper lesson. of course. She played her power trip but you won anyway. I like that. Claire


stunning blog - i love your art and photography


Thanks for bringing us along on this trip Fran. I read this post with relish. Beautiful photographs that really give a flavor of the place. Your brown paper travelogue is wonderful.

Lisa Hoffman


This is better than Anthony Bourdain. I feel like I was there with you. I LOVE the brown paper photo piece. Whew. It just blew my hair back off my face. Thank you for bringing your special eye and attention to a place that has magic. I'm sure that your Taos work is magic too. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.


That is the coolest! I really love the "journey" day and the resulting piece. It bothers me that she took your sketches but won't stop me from visiting there myself. (Note to self: take small sketchbook in satchel ;)


First time I have commented twice about the same post. But having now visited Taos, I wanted to take a second look. And tell you again how wonderful these shots and the experiences you shared are.

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