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October 23, 2008


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Lisa Hoffman had me at Chocolate Skulls.
oh, and Free the Turkeys!

...more top-notch travel joy and photos from the kind folks at Meneley Travel.
Love it.


Wow, I can smell and almost taste this experience! How fun. I used to work in a catering house with many Latino people, learning different dialects, tasting the foods, authentic and 'Americanized', listening to stories of family and culture, and it was SUCH a great experience. I love the little 'festivals' they would throw, and almost every week there was celebration in one way or another. We didn't have much, but we relished.
Really takes me back to those days fo community. Thank you!


I love that you guys ate everything..some fo the best food is always from family vendors on the street but many people won't eat it...oh, I knew you would!


These markets look like so much fun. What a way to celebrate.

mary ann

oh fran!
how i'm enjoying these rich and interesting oaxacan DREAMSCAPES.
i've landed smack in the middle of visual nirvana.

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