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October 17, 2008


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Lisa Hoffman

I guess I'll have to make a point of driving by. I love the story and any time that we can bridge two cultures.....hooray for Niwot. May there continue to be many more projects like this.
Thanks for the great photo tour, Mz. Frannie.


I too often think of the people who came before us....roaming the lands before white settlement. A beautiful and heartfelt post, Fran.


I have enjoyed watching this progess, but have not seen it completed....really amazing and your photos...perfectly captures the majesty Fran!


Indians DO STILL "roam this land"... In other words "live here," just saying. To talk like they are already extinct is not respectful either to our modern fellow Americans or to the cumulative history that brought all of us here. Please try not to use "vanishing Indian" language, even when you're talking about history, that history is not gone, and Native people participate in American history but they are people and don't qualify as American history.

Legally, Niwot is still on Cheyenne-Arapahoe land, and believe it or not some Native people survived the attempts at genocide, Denver has one of the highest Native populations of any city in America... So PLEASE remember modern Indian people are STILL ALIVE KTHNX!

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