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November 02, 2008


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c. andrako

I am THRILLED to find all of these posts on Mexico! What a beautiful and warm ofrenda. This has been a wonderful place to begin Dios de los Muertos! Thank you so much for the peek.

Lisa Oceandreamer S.

OMG I LOVE your alter, the size and all the offerings in your entry way is perfection. I plan to leave mine up always too and in fact hope to enlarge it to accommodate others that have passed.
What fun that must have been for you gals to share a nosh and create together that day.


I have loved each and every one of the post leading up to today and this is one is just wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing and how lucky were those girls? Get to make a mess and leave for someone else to clean up! Way to celebrate


Your ofrenda is beautiful and such a beautiful tribute. How wonderful to see photos of the very talented group that were lucky enough to have such a wonderful lunch and to be able to make art together.
I love everything about this post. I will be making more visits to your blog :)


Your ofrenda is beautiful, I want to make one, too. I will definitely do it next year!

Julie Prichard

I've been saying it all morning...this is the best idea ever..I know all of our loved ones are with us all today!


So much lovely stuff to see, thank you for sharing,Juliet

rachel whetzel

I can't wait for NEXT year... I have so many plans to make my celebration BETTER than this one!! (this was my first)


Wow, it just gets better. I was blown away with your cemetary visit.
Great Ofrenda. Such amor and beauty.

Yoli Manzo


Your ofrenda is INCREDIBLE! It looks so beautiful up there in your entryway and you are right, it does have a lovely glow, a warmth, to it. I can't believe that this is your first ofrenda - you go girl! And what a wonderful party theme. Your sugar skulls and sugar Gaudalupes are wonderful, so happy. It looks like your friends had a great time. :)


your ofrenda is AMAZING. I love all the details and the family bits that you included ... oh how I would have loved to been at that table decorating with that bunch of gals - looks like one great afternoon. :)

Happy Dia de los Muertos!


Frannie! Thank you soooo much for yesterday. Fantabulous lunch and such fun creating the sugar skull goodies! Your home simply glows! with dia celebration.

thank you for being part of the Dia de Bloglandia celebration....



Wow, that was beautiful. You shared with friends and paid tribute to family. This is so great. Thx for sharing.


oh my goodness Fran! this is divine - what a gorgeous post and images and love and friendship! Your alter and ofrenda is breath-taking - this has been such a wonderful celebration - thank you for coming by...

Happy Dia...

xox - eb.


Your ofrenda is stunning and warm and welcoming. I love it. It's great to share time with creative friends, and I appreciate seeing all the work going on because I'm hoping next year to work on sugar skulls, too. It must really reinforce the spirit of celebration and remembrance.


Can I come next year? Please? Wow, you ladies did a great job. I really enjoyed your ofrenda...and the story of your 100 year old Grandma holding your daughter, with 100 years between them...that gave me chills. FANTASTIC...thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!


If my ofrenda looked like that I'd keep it up all year too! I love the pics of you and your friends too.


Everything you've done is just wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing all of it, and also the pictures of the preparation!

I do think that your special-needs chef may need to hire an assistant, though! Poor thing, well, arms aren't everything.

Thanks for sharing all you did for Dia de los Muertos!


I am so inspired by seeing what you created. I am new to it and did not do such a good job but with every entry I visit I feel enriched. You did an outstanding job. Wonderful tribute to those that have gone before you.


So much color to drink in! Your ofrenda and those other marvelous creations are terrific. And look who you got to party with for Dia de los Muertos! An all-around wonderful celebration.

Amanda @ A Tuscan View....

I'm sure the souls must have been queuing at the door to come to your beautiful celebration. What a vibrant and uplifting post. Those sugar skulls are gorgeous.
best wishes amanda


That is a gorgeous alter if ever I have seen one.So warm and inviting, rich in color and bathed in beautiful lights! And a lovely tribute to your family :)I love the idea of having close friends over to make sugar skulls and such. Thanks you for sharing..can't wait to read your previous posts about your visits to Mexico. I visited for three weeks and found it hard to come home :)


Me again..First off I am just in love with your photos from Mexico. Secondly I recently bought "Studios" and yours was the page I bookmarked as my favorite studio! I'm hoping to have a larger one within the next year and your space felt very welcoming and most like my taste. So happy to have found your site:)
Du Buh Du Designs


What an incredible visit I've had to your Bloglandia post! Your alter is fabulous--thank you for sharing family stories, and for the behind the scenes peek of creative preparations:)

kelly hanederson

I have never really "seen" this holiday celebrated. I like it. The photos are wonderful. The tributes to your family are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog and it's really beautiful.

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