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January 02, 2009


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oh typepad is just CRAZY these days. I will be really anxious to see how this goes for you....I 'slurped' the text from my posts but couldn't figure out the photo part.

I agree, holding paper in your hands...just nothing like it.



I don't see any weird spacing? Amd I spaced out?!

THIS is so exciting!!! I knew your blogversary was coming up, and now it's even better than ever!!

I'm sending my deposit. What's your addy?


p.s. Okay, I'll wait until you say, then I'll order like everyone else. sheesh.

Mary Ann Moss

yo cutie pie meneley - i've been wanting to do the same thing with blurb, because like you i want the hard copy as a keepsake. and......i also started my blog in the month of february. and another thing. i am so glad you started yours too. it's nice to have spots on this world wide web that feel welcoming and g o o d.

Lisa Hoffman

Whoa! that the sound of time flying AGAIN?
Hooray for the Slurpers of the World!...I totally get the need to hold stuff in your hands but like a flowing river, I'm going to let some of it drift I sound zen enough?
Tell me as soon as you get the book in hand. I'll come down and page through. Happy Anniversary!


Hey, I have looked for your email addy, but my Mac won't bring it up. I just wanted to tell you that I'm devouring my copy fo 1000 Artist Journal Pages, and I love your pages in there. They are SO colorful and fun. I love the color you use in your work, on your blog, too.

It's funny how a lot of the male contributors in the 1000 Journal pages book use almost exclusively black and white, and the women often use COLOR!! I love the qualities of both. Design is the key, baby!!


I am with you. Nothing beats paper. Great idea here!

ginny carter smallenburg

I tried about a dozen times last week to slurp my blog into a book and it came up with apologies that they couldn't do it.
Frustrating when one is so excited and wants it to happen now!
Let me know if you are able to achieve this. Inquiring minds want to know.

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