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February 21, 2009


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hi, fran! i hadn't stopped by your beautiful blog for a while so i thought i'd take a quick peek and catch up. and i'm so glad i did today! i just finished a big collage project and was thinking about this very issue. i'm always nervous i'll impinge on someone's copyright with collage work, so i keep those pieces for personal use and for gifts just to play it safe. great post and thanks for sharing the story! aimee


It's a tough one Fran...I've been thinking about it too. Copy right is always a tricky path with art. Lots of good food for thought here....let's do it over a glass of wine.


This is a great page, and an interesting issue you bring up. I have been following it, too. One of my "best" pieces of work has a large face from the advert. for Memoirs of a Geisha, and so I really can't use it. It is altered, but very recognizable. Live and learn...


Yes, thank you for this information. I've been so busy I didn't have time to do what I would normally do and follow up on what was happening with that. And mostly, it irked me that I'm behind on your blog. Anyway, I feel (from my emotional side) that we should take seriously our ability and intention of making our own images and creating completely original pieces. However, from my pragmatic side, I just know that if Fairey hadn't had this completely original take on a static image and if it hadn't resonated therefore, with millions of people, and made millions of dollars, the AP wouldn't have cared what he did with it.

back to more of your blog.

Oh, by the way, HOW did you do that fantastic lettering on your journal page?! You rock.

Lisa Hoffman

This is the crucial, tail chasing issue. I've been hearing every possible side of this story for YEARS. It's always a great subject to bring up if a party gets a tiny bit dull.....

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