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March 05, 2009


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Fran, these are just beautiful, I LOVE that the ink will run into the snow (hoping hoping!) The images of them in the Hawthorne....ahhhh



Such special bundles. I love all that went into them and how they are blowing in the wind off that tree. So glad you decided to participate. Cannot wait for May 1!!


well, frannie.....just pop on out there with the salute to tibetan prayer flags blowin' in the wind...they'll be singing to you for the next two months.


Rain this weekend!! Yahoo.


beautiful Frannie - beautiful...

xox - eb.

Lisa Hoffman

Okay. Don't you people know that it's so dry here that you'll need to keep things hanging and "disintegrating" til 2015?......
I wanna see someone step up to the plate and dangle something into the gutter storm drain. How about laying them in the driveway so that people drive over them every day, twice a day? that's what I call disintegration dang it!......
that said, leave that stuff in the tree. It looks gorgeous and I hope that it doesn't disintegrate. There. I said it.
It looks beautiful, I have to agree.....

rachel whetzel

Your bundles remind me of prayer flags... I love them!

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