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April 01, 2009


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If it makes you feel any better, it snowed in Seattle today, too! Not much sticking, but snow in April, all the same!

Lisa Hoffman

Just LOOK at that studio table! there's enough inspiration there to keep me flying for a year!.....
Thank you for the CD tip. I still watch the dvd documentary: "I'm your Man" and swoon every time. This is going on the top of my wish list!


your taos friend does appreciate....and welcome back says your is good, my friend.

Mary Ann

leonard leonard leonard. sigh. my neighbor ran into him a couple of years ago at a coffee shop in LA. he's a tiny little fellow. i always did go for the guys i could swing up in the air. he lives in the thick of things in a very funky neighborhood. well. he used to. I DIG me some L.C. yes siree i do. going to put on a cd RIGHT NOW.


so much serendipity...synchronization....I have newly re-discovered Leonard Cohen and am now listening to a Pandora playlist around him, starting with 'Dance me to your beauty'.


man, I love me a shot of a studio table. really pretty and alive and PRESENT!
How is the work...? Can you share yet...?

Gwen Delmore

Hi Fran,
I love the new profile photo, and the fiber and fabric gallery. I loves me some Leonard Cohen, too. We listened to him all weekend


nancy neva

i's all about the new cd, the new dvd, and an old book of that guy, always. (and fran!! he's on the list of those who visited mabel's when i was there in to do yoga with him in the rainbow room, and go out for "tea", and put fresh wildflowers and just the right incense in his room ... one of those two just outside the big gates. )

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