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May 29, 2009


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oh Fran....the slow dance, cooking, savoring....enjoying the company. What a treat! EVERYTHING looks fresh and colorful and beautiful. What an experience to treasure and remember.



I have loved all of your posts about Spain, but this one is the topper (so far). I love the quote you ended with, how perfect!

BTW, the Colorado tour fell through, now we are going to Santa Fe and Taos on our own!! I am sooo excited!


eat my heart out!! how gorgeous!! what an experience.....hmmmmm. sangria? coffee? both have their place!! you've shown that clearly. exquisite photos, write up. . .what a beautiful time you had, thanks for sharing.

mary ann

cooking with the mediterranean as your backdrop. beautiful & delicious anyway you slice it.

Lisa Hoffman

You will Teach me, Obi Wan Kenobi...
is there a vegetarian version?...(and the masses gasp in horror).
What would I do without your guidance in the kitchen? I totally support your going on these Dream Sojourns, picking up brilliance from all over the World. I'll be here at home, waiting for your direction...
Your photos make our eyes roll back into our heads. Keep it up!


OKAY, just looked at these photos again. i'm OFFICIALLY JEALOUS now. x0, neva

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