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June 29, 2009


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mary ann

sometimes it's nice to let those wild dogs run amok. and if you can think of yourself as BRAVE while they're doing it, all the better.

i love that in some circles art is a real discipline. talked of and thought of in ways i don't understand, but appreciate. i love that you didn't poo poo it or shrug it off, but kept going. sometimes it's too easy to dismiss things we don't understand as unimportant. art is worthy of deep thought, rigorous attention & consideration.
you went swimming with the big dogs and didn't drown. my hero.


good for take that step...outside.

I sometimes cringe at the academic, like MA swam with the big dogs indeed.

REally wonderful Frannie!


Lisa Hoffman

I love every piece of your "walls".
What a great post, giving us a tour of life at Anderson Ranch and the spin on an art class filled with ....artists.
Well done.
...and now?....back to your own table and the voices in your own head, long may they sing!


I am SOO PROUD OF YOU my dear friend!!! You ventured outside of your comfort zone and still kept your voice! Your art is soo distinctly you it is SOO amazing to see your grace among other artists! And why not! Your heartsong tells the most brilliant story of your life. I always appreciate the value of your art journey and the openness in which you share it all with us. As I tell all my students, remember that all life's sweetest treasures which are worth the greatest joy comes with the drive to push the envelope and step onto the next zone. It may be scary at first and unknown, but that's where the real true authentic self of your creations lie. Keep it up!!! You DESERVE to be with the big dogs!!! I truly believe that the universe is beckoning you to go further and reach higher because you have it in you to be someone we all can look up to and aspire to be!!! Love and aloha always, Kathy P.S. I am getting pretty good with my left hand don't you think?


oh gosh Fran - I so enjoyed this post!
yes a hero - ditto Mary Ann and Steph and Lisa - I once knew these waters
and have since dived more deeply within
if water is flow and feelings maybe we go to those waters that sustain and replenish - good for you for this deep diving and sharing - thanks so much!

xox - eb.

Catherine Witherell



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