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July 31, 2009


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There are some beautiful images of your project here. Gorgeous journal pages, collages and painting!


Lovely work, lovely post!
Thank you Fran.

Lee Anne "Nikki"

Thanks for sharing your DisCo is awesome!


love what you made with some of the pieces allready, have to say the flags could be finished art pieces in itselves :)


These are nice ways to re-use your Disco different projects...and so colorful!

caterina giglio

so nice to have so many pieces to use for lots of projects! your disco project is wonderful, and I am especially touched by the buddha piece above!


Great outcomes.


hey fran! this is wonderful!! oh yes, i love, love it all! xo

nancy neva gagliano

sweet and buddhafull like you, my dear

Dee Mallon

very cool!

Renee Howell

Fran - Oh such cool stuff. Love the color! We spent the last two days in Ft. Collins moving Jaye out of and in to her new apartment. No internet connection and it has been killing me all day to not SEE what there is to SEE. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Julie Prichard

Super cool projects, Fran!


I agree that your pieces made beautiful additions to your journal!

Gina Deen

Wow, love the flag pieces and their re-use. What super journal pages you have made. Well done for Seth.


nicely done....and "buddhafull"


I like your use of birds, especially the red flock flying. Your bundle photo is lovely too, all those branches and the dappled light. Very nice:)


lovely, lovely work!


beautiful pages
serene looking and messages

Kim Palmer

beautiful work here. love the colours and what you have done with it all!

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

pure magic in your original bundle AND your final DisCo creations!!!!


Absolutely gorgoeus


I really love the contrast between the beautifully 'aged' elements and the new collage pages...

Elizabeth Owen

Hi There Fran,
Just checking in here to say that the work you are doing is just wonderful and I am so impressed by your passion and commitment.
Good to follow the stories of the week in Taos.
Congratulations to you

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