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July 25, 2009


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I love your less-is-more work. I have been checking here obsessively, anxious to vicariously enjoy Taos.

thanks for sharing!


Just wonderful work you did this week...the exercise in positive and negative shapes, all of it so interesting.

Did you bring the photograph? or did Sas provide? It's such an interesting photo and just wonder if you found it...

I'm thinking I would love to do this next year...

nancy neva gagliano

and, then fran gave me the card she altered for me, and i started to cry. the very last morning when we present our cards, always so many feelings in the air, and...fran is now a new friend, our 3rd year in sas's wksp, and her work's gorgeous, and she GOT ME: i had a struggle with the LESS, gobbing up my first piece, .... cherished reminder here at home, less is more,and friends support. thanks, fran....neva

Jan Korr

Frannie, Thanks for the glimpses of your process.........good work. Also I loved the altered postcards, you really are a poet at heart. Not sure I could have stuck it on that hot ole river bank, but your work was a great pay off. I can see you getting it. I always remember Roland Reiss saying, "Draw what you see and not what you think you see." Love to you, Mom


This is so cool. And I was in Sedona when you were in Taos, and they are both such great places! I'm doing a travel blog series, but you are a master at it! I look forward to learning more.

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