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August 22, 2009


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Hey Frannie,
I don't have your email for some reason here on the Vineyard, but wondered if you were going to sign up for artfest this year. It tempts me especially because Sarah will be up there...

We have hurrian Bill, Chelsea's wedding and the Obama family here this weekend. Never a dul moment....What are you up to?

Jan Korr

That's some fixer upper alright, and now you have velvet at both houses. Mom

nancy neva

hey.....good to see you. missed you. figured you were "house busy".....what a ride this will be for you, nice you're happy with the architect. take care, neva


Fran...I think these wonderful little journal-esc paintings will fly on outta here!

ha! love the before pic of your new home

Lisa Hoffman

If those paintings don't sell out in the first half hour, there's something seriously wrong with people....

Keep us posted on the Great Boulder Rennovation.
Just WAIT til people see your new Beauty....

Lisa C

Your ipod cases and paintings are absolutely stunning. Anybody who gets one has a true treasure. And what about that deer? Wow! :)

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