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August 05, 2009


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aw, yes!! anger management and bears in back of trucks.....nomads meeting reality!! such a gift that wednesday always is...taking out of the mabel bubble!!

marie danti

Thanks so much for the virtual Taos visit! I am very curious about the Sas Colby workshop. Do you think she will have it again next year?
Would love to know of any other good art workshops in that area.


I think this sounds like the best part of the class Fran...the assignment to go out and experience...

Erin Perry

What a treat to revisit Taos with you! I was there in February at Mabel's House for a Perrella/Bagby workshop and fell in love with the area. We, too, took a trip to the church, though our photos and drawings have piles of snow in them. Taos and Sas - what an unbeatable combination. Reading your blogs, I could almost smell the pinon smoke.
Erin in Morro Bay

Lisa Hoffman

The perfect place for an artist (or anyone else, for that matter) to take refuge and recharge.
I can smell the pinion and sage now....
Lovely glance.
You are the Ultimate Treat for an armchair traveler.


Another great Taos post! I was giddy seeing the Rancho de Taos church in June, just right there in a parking lot! I enjoyed your take on the day, and will definitely take the bus the next time I am in Taos.

I am putting Sas' workshop on my bucket list!


love, love that image of the woman in the hat on the back of another nomad! great catch, the whole post is lovely! smooches

Jan Korr

Meant to write this the other day, oooops. I had wondered if there wasn't more to your Taos trip than you told. This completes it beautifully. Thanks. Mom

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