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November 23, 2009


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These look amazing! Someone else mentioned this on another blog not too long ago...totally mesmerizing..I want to check out the book.

After ticket after ticket to typepad, (don't you think it's bad when you know the help staff by name?) I quit Squarespace now..having a great time and things are working as they should. With typepad, I was having to incorporate my own language of their template + my html to get stuff to work. I am in a happier place now. Best of luck..tell Zachary I say hello.

Lisa Hoffman

oh MAN this looks good.
I'm going in two weeks.
Thanks for making me pace and stare at my watch!


THANK YOU for sharing this! I heard about it but have not seen such great images as you have posted. AND LIsa gets to go!! lucky lucky girls!!

I adore this museum, have not visited it's new location though.

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