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March 23, 2011


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Lisa Hoffman

Having seen this work of art in person, I'd like to take another opportunity to applaud, toss roses and swoon. Your illustrations are divine and the story is SO fun and memory evoking. Yet ANOTHER addition to your huge arsenal of talent.
I LOVE watching you spread those talented wings.


Brava Fran!

I hope to see this before you send it off...your story is both revealing and memory evoking and your lovely little water color it!



I signed up for The Fiction Project in a moment of enthusiasm, forgetting that I neither know how to properly write a story nor any skill at drawing. I've been busy procrastinating ever since. I use the cheap paper in the journal as an excuse. But seeing a finished project I hope I can get inspired to make something, however tacky. Yours is great! Thanks for sharing!

Linda L

I love your Fiction Project story. It makes me think of when I was a kid creating make believe houses out of blankes, too. My story is about a Mischievous Muse who finds a blank, abandoned book and what she does with it.

I've never written a book like this before but I've been enjoying the journey. It's creation has helped me through a difficult time in my life making the Fiction Project even more special for me.

Ann Isik

I'm doing the Fiction Project too and for the first time. It's good to come across a fellow 'Projecter' and see an example of their work. You are well ahead of me on the project! I'll try and post something on my Wordpress blog soon.

Good luck!

I'm 'projecting' from the South East of England.


rajasee ray

wow, this is gorgeous :) love your water colour style! would love to read the whole story.

i came across your page while looking for other fiction projects - i participated this year as well. i live in india - and i'm not going to see the project tour, so i was a little sad about that.

i didn't have time to scan my book - so i just have a few pages - do take a look if you're interested :)

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