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June 13, 2011


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Lisa Hoffman DARE you not pick up the phone and call me, yelling into the receiver that you posted this fabulous clip??!!!! I see that Maira and I have the same glasses and very similar rings. This, of course, makes me feel closer to the light of her genius. Thank you for this one. Wow!


how can i thank you for transporting me into the light of maira?

i am swept away!!!!
go drink her essence in and bring back breadcrumbs,
even the tiniest morsels will nourish us!



You will LOVE it...I was fortunate enough to see it in Philly


I was fortunate to see YOUR sketchbook in Seattle...come take a look!


Did you see those girls looking at your sketchbook?! Lucky them! That whole thing looks so fun. Are you doing it this year? I decided to go ahead and sign up again. yay! I like the look of your book. Did you digitize it? I must see it.

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