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August 26, 2011


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Gill M

Oh Fran, my heart goes out to you... a time of both sadness and great excitement, but I am sure you will both flourish :)

Lisa Hoffman

This is exactly what we work for: Healthy and Brave kids who fly the coop with passion and verve. Pat yourself on the back. High Five Stephen. Have a quiet night out and remember: you have one left that will expand to fill a LOT of the space. You did a great job Mama. Congrats.


such a lovely picture that fills my mother heart with longing. my only so close to this same jumping off point.

bittersweet and wonderful too. all the best for both of you in this new terrain of life.


Like Lisa done well my dear! What an exciting time in her life, such adventure awaits and she will grab it by the tail and soar!


Wishing her (and you) the best in this wonderful and amazing transition. And how perfect that she ended up where she did :-)


aw. well, having launched 3, each one a blessing and a certain sadness. All good - and interesting - and horizon expanding for all. Wishing you all the best! xox


Love is a blessing. Lisa spoke so spot on about parents' nurturing love. The world will unfold great moments of discovery, wonder and surprise for your precious daughter. Congratulations to both you and Stephen for giving her wings for she will soar to grand hieghts!!! xox always

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