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February 06, 2013


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Can I be an honorary member? What FUN!!! What an uplifting post filled with delicous treats and yummy cheese. I feel like Wallace and Gromit can truly have a picnic at this place. Enjoy the magic of being a part of a circle that thrives and breathes the rythms and celebrations of being one with your tribe. All my aloha always to you dear friend xxoo Kathy

Dixie Yeager

Julia talks about serendipity in her book and here is my first experience. I've read her book a number of times but just started this week actually working through it. Unfortunately, I'm doing it on my own, but I won't feel alone so much knowing that you're little group is there. Please post when you can about your experiences I would love to follow your journey!


I own Julia's book and haven't actually read it all the way through, this post makes me think maybe it's time I did! As Dixie says, it must serendipity! And that cheese shop looks and sounds delicious in every way!


oh yes! how lucky are WE! I go in if I want to be taken away!! The light and airy upstairs...i can't spell boudoir (SP??)

may your day be filled with dark chocolate and's a fun idea....the Firehouse Art Center is having a membership drive all day until 10:00 tonight. Renew your dues and renew your vows...we are.


Fran... you continue to be my Hero.

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